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2nd NovRYUAG committee appointments

The North RYUAG are now looking for a new Treasurer, After many years of exceptional support our current Treasurer has decided to step down due to increased work commitments. If you are interested in supporting the work of the RYUAG helping develop the next generation of top level umpires, please send an expression of interested to David Haynes, Chair of RYUAG.

31st OctNew Schools Fixtures added in novemeber

Hello RYUAG team, we have had some new appointments put in the diary for November, these are during the week, please can you go to change availability on your personal area, or email if you can be available, for those in school, we can work with your school to allow you time off for these events. Please email me if you need help. Thanks Dave Haynes Chair - North RYUAG


North RYUAG have decided to mirror our parent HUA by appointing panel leads to be the main contact points and development lead for each umpire panel. As such we would like to invite applications from umpire coaches across the region. For those who may be interested and would like further details and role description please contact the RYUAG Chair, David Haynes, via email; Thank you

10th SepNew RYUAG fixtures Added

New fixtures have been added to the website, please can you add/change your availability for October and November for coaching and Umpiring appointments.
if you have any problems please contact David Haynes.

4th SepFuture Availability

England Hockey is introducing a set of new schools competitions for 2018/19 (

The exact dates and format have not been published and therefore we are unable to upload them onto the North YUAG fixture calendar.

As a consequence umpires are unable to enter availability.
As soon as more details are released by England Hockey we will disseminate them to members.

Lou Robinson
Fixture Coordinator

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15th JunHead Injuries

England Hockey is undertaking a project looking at the number and causes of head injuries in hockey.
Ali Willoughby, North HA Welfare Officer is collating the information for the North. Could all clubs please forward completed accident forms to Ali (
This applies to all head injuries, regardless of the age of the player.

17th AprGDPR - Further Support

To support organisations with their GDPR compliance, the Sport and Recreation Alliance have today launched a suite of resources which are targeted at national organisations, regional organisations and clubs operating across the sport and recreation sector.
You can access the first batch of resources on our website here See link: and we will also let you know when the other batches are available in the coming weeks. You will need to log in to access these (can be accessed via creating a free account).
The first batch of resources include data privacy notices, a consent form for direct marketing and a GDPR compliance questionnaire to help you create a checklist of things to consider. These templates are supported by guidance notes and advice summaries to help you use them correctly and adapt them to your own organisation.

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5th AprChanges to the England Hockey Leagues

At the March 2018 board meeting, England Hockey agreed changes to the structure of the Investec Women’s Hockey League and Men’s Hockey League. The changes will be implemented in the 2019-20 season. These changes are the first step in adapting to the evolving landscape of the Hockey Pro League (and international player availability) and requests from clubs to review the domestic structure.
The most recent consultation (February 2018) strongly supported an interim restructure to the leagues and this is outlined beneath. More than two-thirds of teams in the England Hockey Leagues responded to the consultation as well as more than 50 Regional Premier League teams.
The changes will be revisited again after the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 (and after two years of the Hockey Pro League) with a view to further developing the structure to support domestic hockey to progress for years to come.
England Hockey is ambitious about creating a structure that encourages clubs to continue to develop, strive for success at the highest level of European competition and support our international success objectives.
What are the changes for 2019-20?
For both genders the leagues will expand in size to three tiers, each of 10 teams:
Premier Division – Nine games will be played each side of the Christmas break in a traditional league format. The main change will be a three team playoff before Christmas (after half of the league programme) that will allow clubs a chance to earn a place in European club competition. This is designed to allow clubs with international players the chance to earn a place in Europe when their players are available for domestic hockey. The league champions, and other European place/s, will be determined by a three team end of season playoff. At the end of the season, the bottom team will be relegated and the 9th placed Premier Division team will go to a playoff.
Division 1 North and Division 1 South – The second tier of the structure will be two geographically split divisions. The winners of these Divisions will play off for an one automatic place in the Premier Division and also get a second chance to play the 9th placed Premier League team for a place in the Premier Division.
Three Conferences - West, North, East – The third tier will be three Conferences operating in a similar manner to the current conferences. The key difference will be that clubs' second teams will be able to join the Conferences, as long as their first team is at a higher level. This is in response to the current situation where many Regional Leagues have recently been won by second teams so the change should allow more continuity in league structures. Each of the Conference winners will be promoted. The teams finishing ninth and tenth of each of Division 1 North and Division 1 South will be relegated. The three runners up in Conferences will play off in a three team round robin with the top team promoted to Division 1.
Eligible teams winning Regional Leagues will be automatically promoted to the Conferences with the same relegation playoff from the Conferences as is currently in place.
A window in the winter for indoor club hockey will remain in January with the England Hockey run leagues restarting in February.
Through the consultation a set of standards for facilities, match day procedures and club operations have been discussed. The intention is to start to implement many of these from 2019-2020, starting at the highest levels. Details of these expectations will be released in due course with all clubs being given reasonable notice and timescales for implementation.
Implications for the 2018-19 Season
The 2018-19 season will form a transition season to the new arrangements. The existing structure will exist but with different consequences:
Premier Division:
No changes to the structure for 2018-19
Promotion arrangements to Premier Division as currently in place. A round robin competition with the 9th placed team in the Premier Division and the three Conference winners. The top two gain Premier Division status for 2019-20 (Premier Division Play offs).
The new Division 1 North and Division 1 South will be made up of the team finishing 10th in the Premier Division, the teams finishing 3rd and 4th in the Premier Division Play offs, and the teams placed 2nd-6th in the three Conferences.
A round robin play-off between the three teams finishing 7th in the three Conferences with the top two teams qualifying. The remaining teams will play in the Conferences in 2019-20.
Regional Premier Leagues:
The Top 4 placed teams in each of the five Regional League Premier Divisions will be invited to join the Conferences.
The number of players a club may register at any one time will be increased from 30 to 40.
The number of “overseas players” will also be extended from one to two. The regulations around overseas players are complex and clubs are strongly recommended to consider the guidance from England Hockey - more information is here:
Next Steps
For the 2019-20 season there are still details, including player registrations, eligibility and officiating appointments, that will be worked through with the support of the Regional Premier Leagues and officiating bodies over coming months.
The Future
The England Hockey Board foresee the 2018/19 and 2019/20 seasons being an interim position, and subject to the Hockey Pro League, expect continued development of the domestic competition to further support the original objectives of the Bridging the Gap project. These objectives have been supported both in the initial consultation and through the February 2018 consultation. England Hockey will continue to work in consultation with the clubs on any further changes via a revised committee structure for overseeing the England Hockey Leagues.

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21st MarGDPR Guidance

What is GDPR?
The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) will come into effect on 25 May 2018 and will replace the Data Protection Act (DPA). Legal advice suggests that GDPR does not present a drastic overhaul to the current DPA framework but rather, it plugs gaps, or strengthens existing rights and obligations and defines certain concepts more precisely.
Therefore, if your organisation is compliant with the DPA this will put you in good stead for the move across to GDPR. It does however significantly increase the fines for failing to comply. It’s worth highlighting the basic principles of the original Data Protection Act which remain in place and which should continue to provide the basis for the way you manage people’s data.
- Data must be used fairly and lawfully
- Used for limited, specifically stated purposes
- Used in a way that is adequate, relevant and not excessive
- Accurate and kept for no longer than is absolutely necessary
- Handled according to people’s data protection rights
- Kept safe and secure
- Not transferred outside the European Economic Area without adequate protection
Please see link to further information on the England Hockey Website

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20th Dec (2016)Entering Feedback/Questions for Officials/Administrators

Please can you ensure that select the correct organisation that you wish to put your question/comment to (Drop down Menu), as: if you do not do so your question/comment will NOT be seen that Organisation's Administrator.
North Hockey Association
North Hockey Umpiring Association
North Young Umpires
Cheshire Hockey Association
Cumbria Hockey
Greater Manchester Association
Lancashire Hockey Association
Lancashire Hockey Umpiring Association
North West Hockey Umpiring Association
North West League
Isle of Man Hockey Umpiring Association
Yorkshire Hockey Umpiring Association
Chris Reece
North HA

24th Sep (2014)England Hockey has a Code of Ethics & Behaviour

Please Note:

England Hockey have updated the RCRF, PNF, disrepute form and appeal forms.

The forms and further information can be found on the below link:

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