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The North Young Umpire Challenge 2019 (17th January 2019) ...(with link - click here)

The North Young Umpire Challenge 2019 are now accepting applications, do you know any young umpires (aged 13-21) that would like to receive fantastic umpire coaching in a fun and friendly environment with other young umpires? Please share this with them and encourage them to join the #YUC19.
Any ...
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Blackpool Hockey Festival 2019 (#BlackpoolHF) (7th January 2019)

End of season is fast approaching, which means only one thing...Easter is not far away and the place to be for any Easter hockey festival in the UK is Blackpool Hockey Festival 2019 (#BlackpoolHF). As the premier hockey festival in the UK we pride ourselves on our long 67 year history, our fabulous ...
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Urinating at the side of a hockey pitch. (11th December 2018)

We are seeing an increasing number of complaints regarding urinating at the side of the pitch. As we are sure you will all agree, this behaviour is not only unpleasant but also a contravention of the EH ‘Respect – Code of Ethics and Behaviour’ – Disrepute Offence, not to mention in some ...
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Head Injuries (15th June 2018)

England Hockey is undertaking a project looking at the number and causes of head injuries in hockey.
Ali Willoughby, North HA Welfare Officer is collating the information for the North. Could all clubs please forward completed accident forms to Ali (
This applies ...
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Entering Feedback/Questions for Officials/Administrators (20th December 2016)

Please can you ensure that select the correct organisation that you wish to put your question/comment to (Drop down Menu), as: if you do not do so your question/comment will NOT be seen that Organisation's Administrator.
North Hockey Association
North Hockey Umpiring ...
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England Hockey has a Code of Ethics & Behaviour (24th September 2014) ...(with link - click here)

Please Note:

England Hockey have updated the RCRF, PNF, disrepute form and appeal forms.
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Future Appointments (Next 3 months)
Sunday 7th Apr 2019
Mixed - Outdoor - North Mini Finals - North In2HOCKEY Finals
09:00(Organised by North Performance) @ University of LeedsDan Craigie, Mike Graveson, Sophie Parker, Sam Williams (umpires)
Simon Allen (umpire manager) Annette Badger, Eunice Ellison, Zak Longstaff,
Amanda Parker, Chris Regan, Rowan Tejura (umpire support)
Sunday 14th Apr 2019
Men - Outdoor - JRPC Competition - Cluster Competitions
10:00(Organised by North Performance) @ Adel Sports & Social ClubLuke Braithwaite, Charlie Cordery, Dan Craigie, Oliver Kenrick,
Rowan Tejura, Sam Williams (umpires) Brian Linfield (umpire manager) Eunice Ellison (umpire support)
Women - Outdoor - JRPC Competition - Cluster Competition
10:00(Organised by North Performance) @ Wakefield SCClare Barwood, Eric Dickinson, Adam Genga, Lucie Mulliss,
Sophie Parker, Josh Perryman (umpires) David Haynes (umpire manager) Chris Regan (umpire support)
Appointing Policy

England Hockey have specific recommendations regarding young umpires officiating senior hockey matches, as follows ...
"It cannot be emphasised enough that England Hockey recommends that U18 umpires, other than those approved by the NYUAG and RYUAGs, do not umpire adult matches unless supervised by appropriately qualified and checked coaches/mentors.
Welfare precautions should ensure the deployment of young umpires to games appropriate to their stage of development."

North RYUAG, supports this policy fully.
Any appointments of young umpires to senior or junior matches will only be made after careful consideration of the abilities, welfare and development needs of any young umpires concerned.

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